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How to Purchase the Best Beekeeping Suits

Beekeeping suits are elemental to beekeepers especially when harvesting honey. The bee suits are essential in keeping the bee farmer safe when harvesting honey because the bees often sting when they feel under threat. While some beekeepers may find that they are okay with only a hat and veil, you are secured better when you use a decent beekeepers suit.
You should understand that there are suits in the market that lack quality and won’t be efficient in keeping you safe – that is why you must ensure that you are spending your hard earned cash on quality beekeeping suit. Bearing in mind that the beekeeping suits differ in style, features, cost as well as the material, it can be demanding and taxing identifying the perfect beekeeper suit for your. Here are a few elements to put into account to help you purchase the ideal beekeeping suit.

The fit if your beekeeping suit matters a lot when shopping for one. You should let the measurement chart from the suit manufacturer guide you through the selection process. The reason to check on that is that various brands often run at different sizes. It is worthwhile measuring yourself first, so that you can find the accurate size. Bear in mind that the suit ought to fit loose to allow you to wear clothes beneath it. Although fashion may not be concern when it comes to bee suits, that doesn’t mean you should pick suits that are too large because you might trip over it, and it will not be comfortable. The wrong measurements may case the arms and legs of the beekeeping suit to ride up and expose your skin; so ensure they are long enough to cover the areas.

Since head and face protection is a main concern, you will want to check the beekeeper hat and veil when buying your suit. Most of the suits in the market have a hood and veil that can be detached making it imperative to have adequate protection to conceal the gaps around the neck. You should understand that the veils are not the same.

Additionally, it is imperative that you have a look at the type of fabric used to make your beekeeping suit. Make sure that the kind of material is sturdy enough to protect you from being stung. A lot of the suits in the market are made using cotton canvas or the polycotton (cotton and polyester mixed together). Both the cotton canvas and polycotton are effective in protecting you from stings, but if you want a fabric that is easy to clean then you should buy the polycotton suit. The fabric ensures that you remain comfortable even under hot condition since they are well-ventilated. It is worthwhile that you pick light colors when choosing suit colors because studies show that the bees get attracted to dark colors when in attack mode.

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